Work Packages

WP0: Requirements Analysis

The goal of this work package is to familiarize the end user with the upcoming LOBSTER passive monitoring infrastructure and to solicit their input towards the definition of existing, emerging, and future requirements in the field of network monitoring infrastructures, as well as towards the definition of an acceptable use policy, necessary for smooth operation during collaborative monitoring.

There are two tasks in this work package:

WP1: Monitoring Infrastructure Design

This work package identifies and addresses the obstacles that impede the smooth dissemination of collaborative passive monitoring across Europe. An in-depth study of the various engineering options will be conducted, a top-down functional specification of the target LOBSTER architecture, as well as a full definition of the anonymization scripting language SiSaL, and the application programming interface DiMAPI will be produced.

The tasks of this work package:

WP2: Monitoring Infrastructure Realisation

This work package focuses on the realisation of the monitoring infrastructure based on the results of workpackage WP1, and consists of the following tasks:

WP3: Monitoring Infrastructure Deployment

This work package deals with the deployment of the LOBSTER infrastructure across NRENs and ISPs in Europe, and consists of the following three main tasks:

WP4: Dissemination

This work package publicises the project results through several means of dissemination including:

WP5: Management

This work package undertakes the overall project management and coordination tasks, providing an enhanced infrastructure for collaboration and organising the project meetings and other events related to the project.

Lead Partner: FORTH