LOBSTER Tutorial @ RIPE Meeting

Title: Passive Network Traffic Monitoring

The first LOBSTER Tutorial was held on 6 May 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden in conjunction with the RIPE 50 Meeting.
The photos of the Tutorial are available.

Abstract: The target of this tutorial is to introduce network managers, network administrators, to the principles and practice of passive network traffic monitoring, i.e. monitoring based on full packet capture and inspection. The tutorial will cover several aspects related to full packet passive monitoring, including (i) hardware support, (ii) software tools, and (iii) higher level applications. The tutorial will start with the current-state-of-the-art, review off-the-self solutions and continue with results from recent efforts of the research community. This tutorial is organized by the consortium of LOBSTER a European IST Project on Large-Scale Monitoring of Broadband Internet Infrastructures.

Published deliverable D4.5a - First Period's Training Material, including Full packet inspection, New approaches: FFPF, Flow-level passive monitoring: NetFlow and IPFIX.

The programme and presentations:

1. Introduction - What is passive monitoring? - by Evangelos Markatos, FORTH

2. Full packet inspection

3. Flow-level (header-only) passive monitoring

4. Summary, Conclusions and Future trends - by Arne Oslebo, UNINETT