Latest Developments in DAG Data Capture Technology

Speaker - James Spooner, ENDACE

With the bleak outlook on the future of Moores law, and the trailing off of ever-increasing processor speeds, network bandwidth is opening the gap on the computer trying to monitor and analyse it.
I talk about existing and new strategys being planned in order to address this gap, including hardware offload, distributed systems and dedicated processors for network analysis and capture.

James Spooner is a Systems Engineer for Endace Europe Ltd. based in Cambridge, UK. He received in 2003 a BCMS with 1st class hons from The University of Waikato in New Zealand. After spending a more than a year at Endace R&D in Hamilton, NZ working on core firmware features he moved into a his current role, working with customers on technical issues and acting as a liason with the R&D team back in New Zealand.

The presentation.