Fairly Fast Packet Filtering

Speaker - Willem de Bruijn, VUA

FFPF is a network monitoring framework designed for three things: speed (handling high link rates), scalability (ability to handle multiple applications) and flexibility. Multiple applications that need to access overlapping sets of packets may share their packet buffers, thus avoiding a packet copy to each individual application that needs it. In addition, context switching and copies across the kernel boundary are minimised by handling most processing in the kernel or on the network card and by memory mapping all buffers to userspace, respectively.

Willem de Bruijn graduated from Universiteit Leiden with an MSc in Computer Science, researching active network management. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, investigating automation and self-adaptation in distributed systems management. He is also involved in the Fairly Fast Packet Filter (FFPF) project, building a framework for high-speed deep packet inspection.

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